Jewish Baby Names
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Jewish Girls Names

When it comes to naming a baby girl, Jewish tradition offers a rich and diverse tapestry of names with deep cultural and historical significance. Choosing the perfect name for your daughter can be both exciting and meaningful, and we will delve into the world of Jewish girls’ names. From the timeless classics to more contemporary options, let’s uncover the beauty and significance behind these names.

Embracing Tradition

1. Sarah and Rebecca

  • Timeless Names with Timeless Grace

Sarah and Rebecca are two of the most classic Jewish names, each carrying a sense of timeless elegance. Sarah, the name of one of the matriarchs in the Torah, signifies “princess” and embodies strength and leadership. Rebecca, known for her kindness and beauty, adds an extra layer of charm to this classic list.

2. Leah and Rachel

  • Sisters in Name and Spirit

Leah and Rachel, often paired together, represent the beautiful bond of sisterhood. Leah, meaning “weary” in Hebrew, was known for her resilience and faith. Rachel, meaning “ewe,” is a symbol of gentleness and grace. These names remind us of the importance of family and love.

Modern Twists

3. Ava and Mia

  • Modern Beauties with Jewish Roots

Names like Ava and Mia, while having a contemporary flair, also have Jewish origins. Ava is a variation of the name Eve, which means “life,” and Mia, short for Miriam, reflects the strength and wisdom of Moses’ sister in the Bible. These names combine modern trends with traditional significance.

4. Hannah and Naomi

  • Time-Honored Names with a Contemporary Spin

Hannah, meaning “grace,” and Naomi, signifying “pleasantness,” have been cherished names throughout Jewish history. These names continue to endure, offering a sense of timelessness with a contemporary appeal.

Hidden Gems

5. Talia

  • A Gem in the World of Names

Talia, meaning “dew from heaven,” is a name that evokes a sense of purity and beauty. It’s a unique choice that carries a touch of magic and enchantment, making it stand out in the world of names.

6. Shira

  • The Song of a Name

Shira, which translates to “song” in Hebrew, celebrates the joy and melody of life. This name is a wonderful choice for parents who want their daughter to carry the spirit of music with her.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

7. Sephardic Names

  • A Rich Blend of Heritage

Sephardic Jews, who originate from the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa, have a unique set of names. Names like Luna, Aliza, and Ester have been passed down through generations, each carrying the warmth and vibrancy of Sephardic culture.

8. Ashkenazi Names

  • Tradition and History Intertwined

Ashkenazi Jews, with roots in Eastern Europe, have names like Esther, Golda, and Tovah that resonate with their heritage. These names are a testament to the enduring traditions of Ashkenazi Jewish communities.

9. Esther

  • A Name Fit for a Queen

Esther, the name of the biblical heroine who saved her people, means “star” in Persian. This name reflects bravery and resilience and is associated with a beautiful tale of courage and triumph.

10. Ruth

  • A Name of Devotion

Ruth, meaning “compassionate friend” or “companion,” is a name that embodies loyalty and devotion. It is inspired by the story of Ruth, who famously declared, “Where you go, I will go.”

11. Judith

  • A Name of Strength

Judith, derived from the Hebrew name Yehudit, means “praised” or “woman of Judea.” It is a name that signifies strength and praise, making it a classic choice for those who appreciate historical and spiritual significance.

12. Miryam

  • A Name of Miracles

Miryam, the original Hebrew name for Mary, carries a sense of wonder and grace. It is associated with miracles and is a name that reminds us of the beauty in the unexpected.

These classic Jewish names, from Esther and Ruth to Judith and Miryam, continue to be cherished by families around the world. Each name has a unique story to tell and embodies the rich tapestry of Jewish culture and tradition. When choosing a name for your daughter, consider the meaning and significance that resonate most deeply with you and your family, and let it be a source of pride and tradition for generations to come.

Jewish Girls Names

Name Hebrew Spelling Meaning
Miriam מִרְיָם Bitterness or Beloved
Esther אֶסְתֵּר Star or Hidden
Rivka רִבְקָה To Bind or Tie
Hannah חַנָּה Grace or Favor
Leah לֵאָה Weary or Tired
Rachel רָחֵל Ewe (female sheep)
Sarah שָׂרָה Princess
Batya בַּתְיָה Daughter
Tova טוֹבָה Good or Pleasant
Chana חַנָּה Grace or Favor
Dina דִּינָה Judged or Vindicated
Malka מַלְכָּה Queen
Chaya חַיָּה Life
Batya בַּתְיָה Daughter
Orli אוֹרְלִי Light
Shoshana שׁוֹשַׁנָּה Lily or Rose
Yael יָעֵל Ibex (Mountain Goat)
Ziva זִיוָה Radiance or Brightness
Noa נוֹעָה Motion or Movement
Aviva אֲבִיבָה Spring
Devorah דְּבוֹרָה Bee
Tamar תָּמָר Date Palm
Rina רִינָה Joy or Song
Bat-Sheva בַּת-שֶׁבַע Daughter of the Oath or Seven
Zehava זְהָבָה Golden
Aliza עַלִיזָה Joyful or Happy
Ilana אִילָנָה Tree
Shaina שֵׁיינָא Beautiful
Michal מִיכַל Who is Like God?

Choosing the Perfect Name

Selecting a name for your daughter is a deeply personal decision. While the cultural and historical significance of a name is important, the most crucial factor is the meaning it holds for you and your family.

In the world of Jewish girls’ names, you have a vast array of options, from the classic and timeless to the contemporary and unique. Explore the stories and heritage behind these names, and let them guide you in making a choice that resonates with your values and aspirations.

As you embark on this beautiful journey of naming your daughter, remember that her name will become a part of her identity, reflecting the values and traditions you hold dear. May you find a name that encapsulates the love, joy, and hope you have for your precious baby girl.


In the vast world of Jewish names, the classic choices are like pearls, timeless and cherished. Each name holds a story, a connection to the rich tapestry of Jewish culture and tradition. In addition to the classic names we’ve explored, there are countless more, each with its unique charm and historical significance. These names are more than labels; they are windows into the past, bridges to tradition, and blessings for the future.

When you choose a classic Jewish name for your daughter, you are not only bestowing upon her a beautiful identity but also connecting her to a lineage of strength, resilience, and faith. Names like Sarah, Rebecca, Esther, Ruth, Judith, and Miryam are like a thread that weaves your family’s story into the larger narrative of the Jewish people. They are symbols of hope and endurance, and they carry with them the values and aspirations of generations.

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